Kev Howell – Arrows (2020)

It is very easy to think that you are alone and this is a feeling that many people are struggling with more right now. If you feel alone, Kev Howell is here to let you know that you are not with his single ‘Arrows’. Focussing on communication, the single encourages you to reach out to others because you are never truly alone. There are other people experiencing the same thing or willing to support you as you work through problems from personal issues to stress.

Through this rock-blues song, Howell encourages us to connect and get together using the different means available to us. The single was written at a delicate time in Howell’s life which adds something poignant to the poetry of the track.

The opening guitar line of ‘Arrows’ has this bluesy vibe to it. There is a depth to the notes that sinks into your chest before the drum gets your shoulders moving. The melody has this wonderful combination of different elements of blues and rock. In certain moments, there are rock guitar notes that pierce through the back of the melody while the base of the song is all that bluesy opening. As the song progresses, you are hit with some rock vibes that really get you going.

Howell’s vocals are perfectly bolstered by the rock-blues melody. There is a smoothness to his voice that slides over the guitar lines and draws you into the lyrics. The lyrics have this wonderful poetry to them while still being relatable and easy to connect with. You can also hear the connection he has to the song through the emotions infused in each word. There is a pensive layer to the performance, but this gives way to a fighting spirit that reminds you that you can get through things.

Kev Howell uses poetic lyrics with a pensive rock-blues melody to let you know that you are not alone in ‘Arrows’. The smooth melody slides against you as Howell’s vocals wrap you in a velvety soundscape.

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