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Stepping out in his Clark Kent-esque eyewear, the charming Calum Foad proves that he is the 21st-century Superman.  Having released his first album at nineteen, and subsequently dominating the UK with singles produced by industry professionals Dan Weller (Enter Shikari) and Marc McClusky (Weezer), it’s hard to see his kryptonite.  While we may not look like Lois Lane, Calum gave us some time and spoke with our writer Faye Davison.

OSR:  What inspired you to write your new single ‘Rollercoaster’?

CF:  ‘Rollercoaster’ started off as a beat that Dan and I wrote to pitch to Professor Green, years and years ago.  Dan then came up with this rollercoaster analogy for the ups and downs of life, and we rolled with it…eh, bad pun alert!

Eighteen months later, I finished off the song having a moment of life contemplation, while showering.  It’s a song that is definitely more relatable to me now, having committed to a music career and the inherent lack of sleep that comes with it, than when I first wrote it, which is interesting!

OSR:  Who were your influences growing up?

CF:  I was a proper pop-rock kid.  I loved bands like Green Day, Good Charlotte and My Chemical Romance; that kinda music was definitely the soundtrack of my childhood!

OSR:  Is your family musical?

CF:  My dad is hugely musical.  He’s one of those annoying types that can pick up any instrument and get a tune out of it!  My sister also plays a few bits and bobs!

OSR:  What was it like working with Dan Weller and Marc McCluskey?

CF:  Dan I’ve known for years now, literally since I was fifteen or sixteen, and he’s always a pleasure to work with.  Really, really fun guy to be around, and super creative; used to have an obsession with Cheerios, which was a constant source of entertainment.  Working with Marc was a privilege too.  I flew over to NYC and stayed with him while we recorded, which was really generous of him and super immersing.

OSR:  Who are your favourite bands/artists now?

CF:  I’ve been obsessed with the voice of a guy called Josh Weathers recently.  He’s a Texan singer/songwriter.  His original material isn’t what I’d normally listen to, but I heard a version of him singing ‘I Will Always Love You‘, and it just blew my mind.  Been hooked ever since.

OSR:  What albums are you listening to right now?

CF:  I think I’m quite a Millennial in the sense that I rarely listen to an album start to finish, which is bad, being a musician.  If I had to pick any three albums to do start to finish, right now, it’d be Maroon 5’s Songs About Jane, Green Day’s American Idiot, and My Chemical Romance’s The Black Parade.  They will go down as classics, every single one of them.

OSR:  What was it like going to New York for the first time?  Did you suffer from jet-lag?

CF:  I’d been to New York a few years previously for a family holiday, but flying out to work with Marc was insane.  I went straight from the airport to meet him and his wife, Katie, to get dinner.  I ended up eating at the equivalent of like 3 am.  It took me a few days to get into the swing of it!

OSR:  What’s your favourite thing about touring?

CF:  Meeting people!  As an artist, it’s so, so, so important to get in front of the public and engage with people!

OSR: People say you look like Clark Kent, what do you think about that?

CF:  There are definitely worse comparisons to have made.  I’ll take it!

OSR:  What bands/artists would you love to see live?

CF:  I saw Jamiroquai recently, who absolutely blew my mind.  If I could see anyone, it’d be them again!  Their keyboardist, Matt, commented on my posting of the new single.  I fangirled…hard.

OSR:  When you’re not recording or touring, what do you like doing in your spare time?

CF:  I love all manner of dance music!  I spend a lot of my time, when I’m not doing pop music bits, working on a bass-house side project!

OSR:  What advice can you give to new artists?

CF:  Keep on, keeping on.  Don’t be afraid to take a knock!  From everything I’ve witnessed, music is very much about staying in the ring long enough!  If you’re making good music, let that do the talking.

OSR:  Where can fans find your music?

CF:  Spotify, YouTube, whatever your poison is when it comes to streaming sites!

Thanks to Calum for speaking with The Other Side Reviews.  To connect with Calum Foad, check out his official website or follow him on his socials – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  As this dashing guy said, you can find his music on Spotify and YouTube, but he is also available to download on iTunes.

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