Sleep On It – A New Way Home (2017)

Sleep On It is an American rock band that formed in 2012.  Since then, they have released one album and three EPs.  The pop-punk/rock band have a great sound, and the track ‘A New Way Home’ is a testimonial to that.

Sleep On It is a band I am glad to have come across as I love this type of music.  Their sound is great and reminds me of other bands I love.  They bring some elements of Fall Out Boy, and All American Rejects to their music, but make it their own.  I love the lyrics to ‘A New Way Home’ because there is something everyone can relate to; everyone gets a little lost at some point in their life.  The band’s music refreshes the rock genre giving it a modern breath of fresh air.

I like the rhythm of the music; the beat is fantastic for dancing and getting you in the mood for the evening.  I love how the music flows, and how the instruments connect and complement each other.  Their music is definitely something I can relate to because it’s also based on everyday experiences.  All of Sleep On It’s songs have a great feel to them, but ‘A New Way Home’ is my favourite.  Listening to ‘A New Way Home’ immediately encouraged me to listen to their other songs.

During this review, I found a great band with fantastic music.  I look forward to listening to more of their stuff, and see what other artists Sleep On It leads me to.  I would definitely recommend all of their music to any person.  Sleep On It’s music can be streamed on YouTube and Spotify.  ‘A New Way Home’ can be found on their album Overexposed, which is accessible via iTunes, Amazon and on their website.

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