The Winters – Dream of Me (2020)

The Taunton-based band The Winters have been gaining fans with their melody-driven and high-energy music. The band is made up of Joe Beckhelling (lead vocals, guitar), Matt Bowen (bass guitar, vocals) and Sam Caburn (drums, vocals). They have several tracks lined up for release this year with ‘Dream of Me’ being the latest.

The track was written by Beckhelling 10 years ago and evolved over this time. It has been recorded as a demo by a few different bands, but The Winters are out with the final version. This power ballad follows on from their debut single and mixes longing with the hope that things will be better.

‘Dream of Me’ gets you interested with a smooth opening full of pop-rock guitars. The melody of the track keeps you hooked and sets the stage for this ballad. The use of guitars and drums builds up a foundation to bolster the vocals and lyrics of the song.

Beckhelling’s vocal performance is smooth and evokes a sense of longing. While his emotive performance tugs at your heart, it also leaves you with some hope. The move from longing to hope is clear in the lyrics, vocals and melody.

The Winters use melancholic lyrics and a driving melody to convey longing and hope in ‘Dream of Me’. The track captivates you from the first moment and takes you on an interesting journey through an emotive performance and descriptive lyrics.

Find out more about the band on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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