A Chat with Kosmonauts (15.5.19)

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Not too long after the successful release of their single ‘Lady Lovesick’, the UK indie-rock foursome known as Kosmonauts took time out to answer some of our questions. Sitting down, Robert Snarr (RS), Callum Hollingsworth (CH), Dean Chadwick (DC) and Jake Pendlebury (JP) spoke with us about ‘Lady Lovesick’, touring and inspirations.

OSR: What was the songwriting process like for ‘Lady Lovesick’?

RS: Well, when we first start writing a song we were completely unsure of where the process will take us and ‘Lady Lovesick’ was no exception. The first version that we did was very basic. I remember we rehearsed it and thought we’d try it at a gig in Manchester, something about it just didn’t
seem right. So we each took it back home with us and had a play around with it; then at a rehearsal at Crewe University, where Dean and Callum were studying at the time, Dean started to play the basics of what the guitar is now and it just seemed to really flow well. So after us all working on different parts, adding and taking away until we get to the finished article. Once we were all happy we knew we had a proper tune on our hands!

CH: Continuing what Rob has said, there was always something not quite right about earlier versions of ‘Lady Lovesick’ until now where we’re all very pleased with the outcome of the studio.

OSR: In a previous interview, you mentioned that ‘Lady Lovesick’ is about a girl who wants to be in a loving relationship, but, when it’s in front of them they’re unable to see it for themselves. Is this something you’ve experienced first hand or you’ve seen a friend go through?

RS: Yes, it was an experience I went through with a friend of mine. I remember the exact time of the conversation that triggered the inspiration for the song. I remember the conversation just being stuck in my head in the taxi home.

OSR: What did you learn by going through this experience? Do you have advice for those who have gone through similar, if not the same thing?

RS: I suppose I’m not the one that had anything to learn if you get what I mean? I’d put my point across a few times before and it had fallen on deaf ears. The only thing I can say is never give up on helping a mate. As the person who is the witness to a situation like what I was going through, all you can do is help and advise the person who is constantly making bad choices.

OSR: What were you thinking when you wrote this song? Was it hard to process your feelings and put them into words or was it more therapeutic?

RS: I don’t know really. It was good to vent, but the situation wasn’t as bleak as it sounds. We are really good friends and I knew she would do the right thing eventually, which she has! She’s going to hate me now for dishing all the dirt though! To be honest, I’ve spoken to her about the song and she knows it’s about her. It was a little awkward at first, but once I explained that it’s from a good place and from the frustration of seeing what could make her happy and her not seeing it herself, we laughed and have carried on being really close friends. I owe her a lot to be fair! If it wasn’t for her, we wouldn’t have a song that touches people in so many different ways

OSR: Who are some of your biggest influences?

CH: In terms of influences in music, I’ll speak for all of us when I say that they vary to every extreme; but the main influence for everyone has got to be our family and friends who support us with everything. Rob would definitely have Arctic Monkeys as a close second.

OSR: Do you have any advice for those who want to make their way into the music scene?

CH: Just do you and don’t sell yourselves out for anyone. No matter what you produce, as long as you feel good about it nothing else should matter.

DC: Be persistent, be prepared for setbacks, and no matter what, enjoy yourself.

OSR: Is there anything you have planned next? Any upcoming festivals or tours this summer?

CH: Planning a few dates late summer in a few different places. These are still being worked out, so keep your eyes peeled. — few more releases under our belt which we’ve been chugging away at.

OSR: What bands do you dream of touring with?

RS: I’d say if I could choose any band in the world my #1 would have to be Arctic Monkeys. I mean, without them I’d of never picked up a guitar and thought: right, I wanna make a tune! Courteeners and Foals are a very close second!

CH: As for me, I’d love to tour with an upcoming indie band such as The Night Cafe, to build friendships that can possibly take each other further together.

OSR: What was it like to play Sunniside Festival?

DC: This being our first major festival, it was very surreal as we were joined on the bill with some household names we’d never think to ever be playing alongside.

CH: The whole day was great. To play, watch England get through to the semi-finals beating Sweden 2-0, and finishing it off with The Lightning Seeds singing ‘Three Lions’ during their set was just magical. Plus a mixture of sun and booze – you can never go wrong.

OSR: Do you have a favourite part of the writing process? If so, what is it?

CH: My favourite part of the writing process is that first rehearsal when everyone has learnt their parts and the song is played in full.

DC: I feel the best part of the writing process is when the parts just flow with each other naturally, especially when it comes to the writing of the lyrics.

RS: It’s hard to choose! I love being in a studio. I mean, when we are all together having a laugh and bouncing ideas about it’s great, but I suppose the song is done by then? For the proper full on writing of a song, I’d say the feeling I get when I’ve done the first verse and a chorus – that’s the point where I’ve got the bare bones of the vocal ready and I’m free to explore different avenues and change it up if I feel it needs it! By that point, I can see where I want to go and what I want to say, so it just becomes really easy and enjoyable!

OSR: What is your favourite thing about touring?

ALL: We’re yet to tour, so can’t wait.

OSR: What is your least favourite thing about touring?

ALL: We’re yet to tour, so can’t give you our least favourite; but, we can only imagine not being able to have a proper wash/ shower is going to be horrible – but totally worth it.

Thank you to the lads from Kosmonauts. To engage with these fine young gentlemen, check out their socials (Facebook, Twitter). You can also stream their music on Spotify.

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