A Day To Remember – Bad Vibrations (2016)

Well, it’s about bloody time! A Day To Remember have finally announced a new album! It feels like forever ago that we (and by we, I mean I) fell in love with Common Courtesy. With the news came a new single and video, to follow up on ‘Paranoia’ which came out a few months ago, to tide us over until the album’s official release.

‘Bad Vibrations’, the title track of the new album, was released earlier this week via A Day To Remember’s own record label and it’s a heavy one. The band always throws us an extra heavy curve ball and I think this could be it for the new album, that or the overall tone is going to be heavier this time round.

Its got all the elements of ADTR that we have grown up loving: sing along sections and that perky sounding pop-punk tone but with a edgier feel too it with more feedback, harder sounding beats, heavier bass and a darker message lyrically.

After an album like Common Courtesy it would be easy for the band to sit on their laurels but they have come back harder and heavier, and it’s spectacular. I’m yet to think this band has released a bad album, they just get better! In just a few minutes I am absolutely bouncing off the walls for the new album.


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