Ives Electric – Poetry (2022)

Ives Electric uses his debut single ‘Poetry’ to blur the lines of genres while unleashing a bittersweet reality. Through the merger of indie rock, alternative and pop, he looks at how we should hold onto our beliefs. This is accompanied by a massive push of electrifying energy that carries the lightest touch of darkness wrapped up in something that is purely Ives Electric.

This single is not only the introduction of Ives Electric to the world, but the first track off his upcoming album Black Light. While he has worked within the music industry for many years, this new musical project brings something different to life. With his unique voice and electric melodics, he is sure to have you longing for the release of his album.

The single electronic beep that opens ‘Poetry’ catches your attention before the darker alternative pop tones rise from the depths. There is a jitter to some of the notes, while the beats march you forward into the dark undertones of the melody. The guitars fly out over the darkness like ribbons of light careening into the distance. There is a strangely intimate feeling to the melody as it closes in around you, but this is contrasted by the expansive soaring of certain notes. Through all of this, the energy of Ives Electric swirls around your senses, tugging at your brain before fluttering off in a different direction. While the melody has a lot of nuanced movements, they all come together for a cohesive sound that churns with darkness and fluorescent colours.

Making their way through the dark twists of the melody are the vocals that carry their own hint of darkness. As with the music, his vocals blur the lines between genres with a touch of alternative pop and indie rock. While the vocals fuse styles, the lyrics creep through the verses, teasing the message of the track. This comes to a head on the chorus that slowly rises with the energy of the single that shivers along your spine. Later in the single, there is a softer melodic flow to the performance before you are hit with the dark edge again. Laced into the lyrics and vocal performance is the consideration of the single that leaves you with something to think about.

Ives Electric hits out with a darkly blended soundscape and electrifying fluorescent energy with his debut single ‘Poetry’. Every aspect of the single picks the best elements of different genres and fuses them together for a unique movement. The melody is intimate, yet expansive, while the vocals bring a new darkness to the consideration of the lyrics.

Find out more about Ives Electric on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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