Aaron Yorke – The Things That Keep a Man Alive (2021)

We all face struggles and challenges in life that we need to overcome even if they are different for each of us. This is something that Aaron Yorke picks up for his latest single ‘The Things That Keep a Man Alive’. With a touch of the 80s, he continues the piano-driven ballad tones of ‘Difficult Year’ while highlighting our ability to carry on regardless of what we are facing.

No stranger to hauntingly beautiful soundscapes, Yorke tempers the oppression of the challenges that threaten to overwhelm with the resilience we all have within us. As he has us falling further under his musical spell, he continues to turn our attention to the light at the end of the tunnel. If this is your first taste of the music he has to offer, it will send you running to delving into his back catalogue.

The tender tones of the piano open ‘The Things That Keep a Man Alive’ against a gentle hum of ambient light. The organic flow of the piano is light against the call of the guitar that brings the retro touch of the 80s to the track. The layering of these two melodic lines is tenderly done and enhances the emotive movement of the single. You can’t help but sink into the movement of the melody and feel the wash of emotions.

While the melody is touching, it is Yorke’s vocals that are the real star of the show. His performance opens with a whispered confession and admission. This turns into an emotive burst that reaches into your chest and squeezes in the best possible way. Through the vocals, you are drawn into the struggles that we all face and the thoughts that swirl through our minds. This beautifully leads you to the strength that he weaves into each word that lets you know you will be able to get through anything. This is gorgeous and an absolute pleasure to listen to.

Aaron Yorke brings a beautiful piano ballad full of struggles and resilience to our ears in the gorgeous ‘The Things That Keep a Man Alive’. The gentle layering of the melody tenderly embraces you and offers the perfect bed for Yorke’s vocals. His performance shines through the soundscape as he brings thoughts and struggles we have all faced to light while weaving the strength to overcome them into our souls.

Find out more about Aaron Yorke on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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