Teletape – Tomorrow There Will Be A New Life (2020)

Music is something that has always been able to transcend barriers including language. This is something that Moscow band Teletape excels in. Their new album Tomorrow There Will Be A New Life is a shoegaze journey influenced by the new wave and alternative sounds of the 90s. While the songs are in Russian, there is something about them that is able to jump the language barrier.

Vladimir Shmaevka (drums), Ilya Kruglikov (bass), Iurii Nozdrin (keys) and Vlad Kharitonov (vocals, guitar) were raised on the ground of dream pop and shoegaze from the pre-grunge era. This shines through in their soundscape that transports you through the atmosphere. While using this influence, there are some spicy notes that are purely Teletape.

The dream-pop influence hits you from the start of the album in the opening of ‘Будущее’ or ‘The Future’. The hazy and dreamy notes combine with the guitar to create an atmospheric ambience. Kharitonov’s vocals enter smoothing and add to the dreamy vibe of the track. You can get lost in his vocals whether you know the language or not. There is something captivating about his delivery. The spicy guitars that crash through the haze are a wonderful touch.

‘Полынь’ or ‘Sagebrush’ takes a different approach to their sound with a more shoegaze vibe to it. The lush chords of the opening send you soaring into the sky before the beat carries you away. There is an expansive feeling to this song that is highlighted by the vocals. They have this 80s feeling to them that works so well with the melody. You can also hear Kharitonov’s vocal power on this song as he pushes through the melody to capture your attention.

The opening of ‘Цвет и форма’ or ‘Colour and Shape’ has this crashing feeling to it as it knocks into you from the first moments. There is a different vibe to the vocals on this track that match with the guitar to lead you somewhere unknown. The emotion in the vocals cuts through you and sends a shiver down your spine. There are moments when the vocals get a little lost in the melody, but somehow this adds to the overall hazy feeling of the album.


The next track is ‘Марсий’ or ‘Marsyas’ and has a completely different vibe to the rest of the album. There is this driving beat, but the vocals have an almost sadness to it. The interplay between the beat and the light synths is amazing on this track. It adds a depth and richness to the sound that captivates you and does not let go for the five minutes the song lasts. The lush nature of the track makes it an instant favourite.

‘Ангел’ or ‘Angel’ has a very ethereal opening that leads to these wonderful guitar lines. The melody has you floating along it before the guitar becomes heavier and really hits you. There is a more rock vibe to sections of this song that give it an edge. The vocals carry the same haziness as before, but there is something gritty to them. As they soar, they are also strangely grounded creating an odd yet pleasurable sonic experience.

The album ends with ‘Завтра здесь будет новая жизнь’ or ‘Tomorrow There Will Be A New Life’ which has this progressive opening that sets the tone. There is an atmospheric vibe to this track with these wonderful synth notes zipping past you. The synths give way to guitars and drums that carry on the hazy and atmospheric feeling in a more grounded way. It is a wonderful way to end the album and stays with you long after it ends.

Teletape takes you on an atmospheric journey full of lush synths, hazy vocals and melodic guitars in Tomorrow There Will Be A New Life. While the tracks are all in Russian, the music transcends the language barrier allowing you to simply enjoy what is on offer.

Find out more about Teletape on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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