Track of the Day: Ali Pips – Mad Queen

Blending elements of rock, jazz and pop, US-based singer-songwriter Ali Pips brings a new breed of music to the masses. I could describe it as piano-pop or avant-rock, but the fact is Pips is too genre-defying to be pigeon-holed. Having performed with hard-rock group Rome In A Day, Pips already has established a name for herself in the US music scene, but it is with her solo project that she showcases her eclecticism. Featured on Rising Artists Blog, Sinusoidal Music, Head Bangers News and various online radio stations/playlists, the songstress is building a following on a global level. Today’s Track of the Day is her song ‘Mad Queen’.

Described as an artist that you either love or hate, Ali Pips weaves jazz with art-pop in her brooding music. Following the haunting single ‘The Ghost of You’, ‘Mad Queen’ is more upbeat and toe-tapping in its dark way. Highly unique with an inimitable sound, Pips works the keys demonstrating the grittier and beautiful side of the piano. Using her instrument to its full extent, you will hear high notes sprinkled atop a grittier low register. Accompanied by underlying drums, the melody transitions from soft tones to hard-hitting crescendoes.

Highly reminiscent of Dresden Dolls with Amanda Palmer’s innovation, ‘Mad Queen’ entwines jarred musical chaos with smooth melodic arrangements. Yet, unlike Amanda Palmer, Pips’ vocals are less obscure with a soothing, rich and bold quality. Singing with conviction, Pips elegantly depicts a psychological masterpiece with this thrilling song.

Slightly insane, Ali Pips represents the crazy frenzy behind human conflict. I’m a massive fan of The Dresden Dolls finding Palmer an outstanding and boundary-breaking talent. However, I think she has some competition from Ali Pips. I can’t wait to hear more from this incredible musician.

For more from Ali Pips check out her official website, Facebook and Spotify.

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