Abandon The Fall ft Dayshell – Exhale (2021)

Abandon the Fall has us rocking out to his sound with the high-octane energy of ‘Exhale’. With heavy yet atmospheric tones, the single brings a crisp vibe that is a little different to the darkness of his past sound. Engaging and utterly absorbing, the music rushes through you with a punchy and driving feeling that carries the vocals out into a spacious soundscape.

Created through a collaboration with artists Dayshell, the single brings the energy of Linkin Park to the absorbing movements of Bring Me the Horizon. Juan Espinoza, the solo artist behind the fall, balances empowerment and weakness through his sound while blending the alternative rock tones he grew up with. Bringing the human experience to his music, he creates relatable rock songs that flow through your veins.

‘Exhale’ draws you in with a progressives opening that yawns out into the ether before the drums roll through you. The heavier tones push against your senses with a light touch of atmospherics that is utterly absorbing. You can hear a light sprinkling of something familiar in the music but this is swept away and you are left with pure Abandon the Fall. The interplay between the atmospheric notes and the heavier hard rock sensibilities is perfectly balanced to get you really rocking out to the track. When the rock tones really hit, you are filled with the energy of the track that is just bursting to get out of you. The best way to release this energy will be to let your body move to the music and, of course, shouting out with the vocals.

The progression of the music really bolsters the crisp edge of the vocals. The driving forward momentum woven into the melody allows the vocals to ride the movement. The vocals build through the verses to rise in power on the chorus and take you soaring with them. There is a punchy feeling to the vocals and lyrics that has you utterly absorbed by his sound. The chorus is really catchy and you will want to sing along as you soar on the epic movements of the melody. When the music takes the harder rock tones, the vocals act as the crisp contrast to their slightly darker atmospherics.

Abandon the Fall grabs hold of you and takes you soaring through crisp vocals, captivating performances and high-octane melodics in ‘Exhale’. There is something so utterly absorbing about the single that you can’t deny as it sweeps through you while you listen. This is easily a single that you can listen to on repeat and never get tired of.

Find out more about Abandon the Fall on his Instagram and Spotify.

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