hellocentral – Heatwave (2020)

Breathing some fresh air into the alternative-rock music scene, hellocentral’s new EP Heatwave is packed with three tracks everyone can relate to. Melding pop with punk and adding a little fizz of electronica, the band creates catchy melodies steeped in their passion for music. While short, this EP will have you dancing to the beat while connecting with the message.

The energetic combination of elements is a culmination of the experiences and influences of the four band members. Life-long friends, they set out to combine dreamy rock with hard-hitting elements for a punchy soundscape. Whether they have achieved this is for each person to decide, but this EP will probably tip the scales in their favour.

The EP starts by hitting you with undulating tones of ‘One More Sunrise’. These notes give way to something a little more traditional alt-rock. There is a very Blink 182 vibe to the track as you are drawn into the vocals and the energetic guitars. There is a fun vibe to this song and you will want to play it at max volume. You can’t help but move to the infectious beat while you loudly sing along to the chorus.

‘Feels Like Home’ has a softer opening and the vocals have a smoother tone to them. While there are some great guitar lines in this song, they do not have the same anthemic feeling as the opening track. However, this song has a completely different feeling to it with a more sombre note to the melody and vocals. The sombre tone does not stop the band from getting you moving. The lyrics of this track really draw you in and work well with the slower melody.

The EP comes to an end with ‘Lsof’ which grabs your attention with this is soft guitar line. The vocals on the single gently soar over you. The softer guitar gives way to more pop-punk tones for the chorus before retreating for the verses. The infectious tones of the EP continue with this song as you get involved in the beat and start singing along to the chorus. You really can’t help but enjoy this song as it moves from soaring guitars to shuffling drums and gripping vocals.

Heatwave by hellocentral is an infectious EP full of catchy melodies, dreamy rock vocals, soaring guitars and beats you have to move to. Each single has its own tone, but there is a continued thread of contagious passion. You will start moving to the beat and want to play each song as loud as possible.

Find out more about hellocentral on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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