Carley Varley – Miss Me? (2021)

With her rather addictive single ‘Going Under’, Carley Varley brought a summer feeling to our ears in a wrapping of pretty pink. Now, she is mixing indie-pop with some alternative elements to hook her single ‘Miss Me?’ into your brain. An emotive track, she tugs at the heart while bringing a sad autumnal feeling to the music.

While the track was written a while ago, the emotions that swirl through it are as important now as they have ever been. Offering a sense of reflection, the single has a catchy edge that will have you singing along with it in your bedroom. As the second track off her upcoming EP, it continues to showcase her musicality which was introduced through her last release.

‘Miss Me?’ draws you into the soundscape with a delicate folk tone. The acoustic tones that fill the opening of the single are so light as they twinkle and dance in the corners of your vision. It is a wonderfully gentle opening that builds the foundation for the emotive flows of the single. There is a touch of building energy resting in the low levels that shuffle into power. Each note builds on those that come before to reach into your chest and pluck at your emotions. The move from delicate folk to building indie-pop is beautiful and so natural that you accompany it without a second thought.

While the movement of the melody is amazing, Varley’s vocals match both the emotions and building. Her voice is tender and vulnerable through the opening as the almost whispered threads of her performance reach out into the soundscape. Through her performance, you can feel the pain she infuses into each word as autumnal leaves float down around you. As the music builds, her voice calls out with the pain and light touch of anger that fills the chorus. This is a chorus that is really catchy and urges you to sing along with her.

Carley Varley reaches into your chest and tugs at your emotions with the delicate building of ‘Miss Me?’ while getting you singing along. Through the music, she fills the soundscape with delicate tones that shuffle into a more powerful movement. This is enhanced by her vocals that bring the autumnal feeling to the song and really grip your emotions.

Find out more about Carley Varley on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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