Abi Mia – Make Myself Tall (2021)

With the power and flair of Christina Aguilera, Abi Mia is a singer-songwriter with a ton of attitude. While music has been a part of her life since her youth, but she is now embracing a solo career. Featured in Nexus Music Blog, FV Music Blog, Talk About Pop Music, Fruit Sonic and Music News, Abi Mia is gaining an international following. The latest addition to her critically acclaimed discography is ‘Make Myself Tall’.

Following her well-received single ‘Here To Stay’, Abi Mia adopts a rock-influenced sound in ‘Make Myself Tall’. With catchy guitar riffs and dynamic keys, Abi Mia places you in a powerful swirl of sound. Yet, the electronic elements are juxtaposed by an acoustic piano showcasing her combination of organic and synthetic instrumentation. Moreover, the track is well-layered so you receive a boost of contemporary pop with the softness of acoustic rhythms.

A much bolder sound than before, ‘Make Myself Tall’ is addictive from the go. High-paced from the outset, ‘Make Myself Tall’ promises to be a heavy-hitting tune with blasting crescendos into infectious riffs and choruses. Yet, there is a harmonic “ebb and flow” incorporating soft dips in the overwhelming music adding intensity to the melody.

Yes, the melody is a kaleidoscopic soundscape, but it is Abi Mia’s vocals that add robustness to the single. In the style of Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato, Abi Mia’s rich tones effortlessly lift the track onto a higher level. The forcefulness of her voice is outstanding but it is also filled with a vulnerable intimacy. Thing is, there may be an underlying innocence but the elegantly executed lyricism boosts confidence, empowerment and self-belief.

For more from Abi Mia check out her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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