Adam Daniels – A Damaged Soul’s Redemption (2021)

Everyone has experienced situations that could lead to emotional baggage, but not everyone continues to carry this baggage with them. Adam Daniels encompasses those who do in his EP A Damaged Soul’s Redemption and considers how we hold onto behaviours and thoughts that we shouldn’t. Through the tracks of the EP, he leads listeners into troublesome places while also offering a message of hope and a glimmer of light in the darkness.

While exploring emotional baggage, Daniels also explores synth sounds ranging from 80s synth-pop to synth-rock. This is driven by his passion for synthesisers and a love for all kinds of music. With a splash of retro sounds, he wraps this passion around modern songwriting for an engaging mixture of old and new.

The EP opens with ‘Wait for Me’ which sets the synth tones for the EP. There is a touch of the 80s to the song through the melody. While you ride these retro tones, Daniels’ vocals hit you with a rather timeless sound. There is a hint of modern tones covering something more old-school in his performance allowing anyone to connect with it. The lyrics match the timeless sound of the vocals as he asks for someone to stay. A touching song that opens you to the vulnerability of the EP, it puts a smile on your face.

‘Miracle’ has a slightly darker feeling to the synths that pulse and zing past you. This sombre feeling is bolstered by the vocals that have a more grounded feeling. Daniels’ performance sends shivers running across your shoulders. While there is a darkness to the song, the lyrics bring you to a feeling of strength. This is really a rather motivating single that encourages you to grab onto life and acknowledge that life itself is a miracle that you should not take for granted.

‘Born in the Dark’ takes a rock route to get your attention. The pulse of the guitars is quite different to the synths of the rest of the EP but no less engaging. That retro vibe from the opening track comes back on this song in a different way. The movement of the melody has you swaying and tapping your toes as your mind is thrown into a story of betrayal and redemption. There are a lot of emotions woven into the song from betrayal to understanding the consequences of actions.

The synths make a comeback in ‘Ordinary Life’ through the warbles of the opening. The 80s hit is also back with the hazy vocals that float over the deep beats and synths. There is a yearning that drifts through your brain as you listen to this song which is a little at odds with the movement of the synths. The synths have this forward momentum that rolls you down the soundscape while the vocals call out for something that you feel is just out of reach.

The EP comes to a close with ‘Never Dream Alone’ which has a tender yet expansive feeling to the opening. Daniels’ vocals feel like they are hitting you from a distance like they have called out over a misty field in the early hours of the morning. This feeling of daybreak is enhanced by the light instrumentation that twinkles against your ears. This is the most vulnerable song on the EP and a wonderful way to close it. Through the tender tones, you are filled with a sense that things are going to be okay as long as you accept that you need help at times.

Through the tones of A Damaged Soul’s Redemption, Adam Daniels fills you with retro tones, feelings of betrayal and the sense that things can be better. Each track has its own beauty while bringing retro tones to some modern stylings. As you step through each song, they bring you closer to the understanding of yourself and offer a helping hand in shedding the emotional baggage you are carrying.

Find out more about Adam Daniels on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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