Georgie Fisher – The Queen (2021)

‘The Queen’ marks the finale of four consecutive singles released by Georgie Fisher over the last 18 months. With powerful vocals, the single is an epic ballad telling the story of a woman looking back on her life with a sense of regret. Through this haze of regret, she dreams of an imagined afterlife where she can bask in the success she missed out on in life.

Using her country-soul sound, she offers a raw and honest story infused with emotion. Tracked with a full band, she ends her collection of songs with a bang. She has plans to include the single with the other three releases on a 10-inch vinyl EP that is still to be released.

‘The Queen’ gets your attention with a popping guitar line. The melody has an interesting alt-rock and alt-country vibe to it as it pulses against your ears in the opening. As the melody takes a more melodic flow, there is a deeply woven feeling of regret resting in it. It is a really engaging melody that complements the emotions and story of the lyrics. The, at times, sultry movement of the music has you wanting to close your eyes as her voice washes over you.

The epic ballad of the lyrics opens with Fisher’s vocals setting the scene. The lyrics are amazingly descriptive and enthralling as you feel the thirst for revenge in her vocals. Fisher’s vocals are emotive as you are filled with the need for revenge that turns into a deep regret over how life has turned out. As the song progresses, she moves you from the mortal realm of what has happened, to the reflection of the main character on what she has done. There is a rawness to the vocals that touch deep in your chest as you feel for the main character of the lyrics.

Georgie Fisher takes you on a journey of revenge, regrets and dreams of the afterlife in ‘The Queen’. With storytelling lyrics, she draws you into the tale of the single while her vocals fill you with the emotions of the main character. A real emotional rollercoaster, you are left feeling a little raw from the listening experience.

Find out more about Georgie Fisher on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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