Kyns – I Can Never Be (2021)

Imposter syndrome is something that a lot of people suffer from and it can manifest in a lot of ways. Kyns is confronting this syndrome and the idea of feeling like you don’t deserve good things in ‘I Can Never Be’. Using an intimate ballad style and simple lyricism, she looks at how this syndrome impacts relationships both with yourself and other people.

Her third self-produced single, Kyns continues to lay the framework of her sound. When not working on her own music, she toplines for pop artists and trailer composers. She has also written original compositions for several animated short films. Using all her experience, she has indie singer-songwriter tones meeting folktronica.

‘I Can Never Be’ has a delicate feeling to the melody and vocals that open it. The light piano notes have a fragility to them that makes you think that they could break if you touched them. This is a wonderful representation of how people feel when suffering from imposter syndrome. There are these crashes of sound that throw you for a loop when they hit only for you to slip back into the delicate piano line. In the low levels are strings that act as those nagging thoughts in the back of your mind making you think that you are not good enough.

The delicacy of the melody is matched by Kyns’ vocals. Her voice has a raw authenticity and vulnerability that cuts you to the core. As the lyrics question what others see and how not believing in yourself impacts how you interact with others, her voice creates an intimate space. In this space, she lets all her vulnerabilities be seen in the most beautiful way. This is a really touching song that lets out all the things many people feel that you are never able to put into words. As the song comes to an end, there is a warble to her voice that bolsters the heart wrenching emotional impact.

Kyns shows you her vulnerable side through the delicate and touching sounds of ‘I Can Never Be’. There is a raw authenticity to the vocals that is perfectly complemented by the delicate melody. Through the single, you are filled with a sense of self-deprecation that leads to a heart-wrenching plea to be stronger.

Find out more about Kyns on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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