AirDrop – Hit That Vibe (2021)

Are you looking for a song that does nothing but make you want to dance and have fun? Well, AirDrop has what you need with their aptly titled single ‘Hit That Vibe’. Featuring vocals from Samantha Tiller, the single offers you a funky sound that helps you let loose and forget about your worries while you have a blast.

The dancing melody of the track comes from Aaron De Luca, the sole musician behind AirDrop. While a co-founder of Diamond Lounge, this solo project allows him to further explore a variety of genres. With the help of Tiller, he is bringing a blast of fun to listeners without any expectations or contemplations.

‘Hit That Vibe’ bounds into your senses with a beat that grabs your muscles and shakes them. You really can’t help but start to move to the track from the first second. The melody brings a funky blast of fun to your ears that lifts any stresses you might have off your shoulders. The horns make you smile as they pop against the tapping beat. While there is a touch of retro funk to the music, there is a modernity that hits just right. Every element of the track enhances the fun you have listening to it and makes you want to dance around.

The funky fun of the melody gets a pop tinge to it with Tiller’s vocals. Her voice creeps into your brain and hooks its claws in to pull you into the bright lights of the happiness of the track. Through the lyrics, she draws you into a fun mindset while encouraging us to work together to really hit that vibe. Her performance has an 80s vibe to it that reminds you a bit of early Kylie Minogue and the fun vibes she brought.

AirDrop and Samantha Tiller hit you with a funky blast of fun and 80s pop vibes through ‘Hit That Vibe’. Every element of the single has you moving to it while getting down to the fun vibes. There is no way to avoid dancing around to the track and feeling happy while you do it.

Find our more about AirDrop on his Twitter and Spotify.

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