Miles Grindey – Stride (2021)

We learnt a lot about Mile Grindey when he spoke to us about his genre-defying album Isolate This! and much more. He is now back with his single ‘Stride’ which is a track that has been a long time coming. After writing the track in 2018, he worked on it over 2019 and has finally released it now in 2021. Not only has the single taken years to release, but it has also taken thousands of miles.

On his first attempt to record the track, Grindey’s plane to Atlanta caught fire on the runway. After returning to the UK from the United States, he was sure he had lost the bass by Enrico Galetta, drums by Wayne Viar and vocals by Ian Michael Bruh forever only for them to be backed up at a studio in the UK. With all the trouble he had with this track, we are really happy with the results.

‘Stride’ gently pulls you into the single with the guitar line and soft crashes of cymbals. There is a really easy feeling to the melody while the drums keep you rolling down the soundscape. Through this easiness, there is a sense of something wonderful coming just over the hill. The guitar is captivating in its subtlety while the beats enhance the catchiness of the track. It feels like there is a winding journey woven into the music and you are filled with the sense that you need to walk down the path the single lays out for you.

While the melody fills you with various emotions, Bruh’s vocals really hit your feelings on the head. He pulls at a sense of yearning for a freedom that is always out of reach while building up your strength to take the steps you need to. Through his performance, you are empowered and feel confident that you can take on the journey of the melody. His voice perfectly rides the melody with a smoothness that is utter perfection.

Miles Grindey eases something inside while empowering you and filling you with the confidence you need with ‘Stride’. His smooth vocal performance is amazing while the melody has you yearning while feeling the opening of possibilities. There is a lot to this track which only gets better the more you listen to it.

Find out more about Miles Grindey on website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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