Big Fun – Rubberband (2021)

Big Fun are taking on some seriously heavy topics in a really engaging and in your face way with ‘Rubberband’. The synth-rock track touches on both the grip the internet and technology has on people and the way humans are incline to group thinking. While using symbolism to delve into these topics, the band hits you with a big and infectious beat while bouncing you along their rock tones.

This big sound comes from Nasty Kathy (keytar), Beef Angel (bass) and BingBong (drums). The trio have a long history of working together after they started jamming together in the second grade. With a blend of rock, disco, funk and energy, they have you grooving to their tones while contemplating their messaging.

‘Rubberband’ has you twisting and twirling to their sound from the first engaging note. There is a disco feeling to the music that vibrates through your bones and forces you to move to the sound. While there is a heavy hit of disco, this gets a blast of synth-rock tones as the single continues. The dancing energy is still there and makes a comeback later in the single. It is a rather complex melody that moves through different sounds and styles with a mastery that you can’t help but fall into. If you are looking for a song that makes you move without you having any say, this is the one for you.

Bounding over the melody is the vocals which are just as engaging. There is a slight electronic edge to the vocals that brings a modernity to the song while keeping with the almost retro vibes of the music. The vocal delivery has a punch to it that shoves you around the soundscape making your muscles want to jump around. There is a fair amount of imagery woven into the lyrics that bring the symbolism and metaphor of the song to your ears. This gives you something to think about while pulling you into the deeper meaning of this extremely infectious single.

Big Fun has you bouncing around to their sound with the infectious beats and vibes of ‘Rubberband’. While you get down to the grooves of the music, you are also pulled into a deeper contemplation of the world we live in and how we all interact with it. From the punchy vocals to the disco vibes and moving rock tones, the single has you engaged from the first second to the last.

Find out more about Bog Fun on their Instagram and Spotify.

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