Track of the Day: Alba – I Need A Holiday

Usually, an artist with a good voice, no, make that a great voice is immediately grabbed by a producer, a record label (usually both) given a song or a batch of songs, rushed into a studio and everybody’s worries are over. The artists, the producers, and particularly the record labels. Oh, let’s not forget the satisfied listeners. A great scenario, but what if that artist with a great voice is also a good songwriter to boot and can play some mean guitar? Well, in that case, wonders can (and should happen) and hopefully, that is what’s in store for Alba, the Spanish-born singer and guitarist who has been trying to make it in London since 2016.

Not that she went unnoticed so far. She has performed on stages across the UK including The Cavern Club, Ronnie Scott’s, Lancaster Music Festival and The Alternative Escape. She has also opened for acclaimed acts such as The Waterboys. She has also received coverage from well-known publications, blogs and tastemakers such as Guitar Magazine, Amazing Radio and BBC Radio. She came up with two great singles this year, of which ‘I Need The Holiday’ is the latest, and what a treat it is!

It has that breezy, summery vibe underpinned by some smooth R&B grooves that keep the melody propelled. Still, all that would have gone under the category “we’ve heard all that already” if it wasn’t for some strong, soulful vocals from Alba and her mean guitar break that keeps leading the song throughout. Until you press the repeat button again. At under three minutes, you just feel obliged you have to.

As if that is not enough, Alba is a passionate environmental campaigner and likes to use her music to make a difference and speak up about social and climate issues. She joined forces with several non-profit organisations to raise funds and awareness around climate change and how music can be greener. Of course, after all that has sunk in, you go for another run with Alba’s latest single and conclude that along with a holiday, she certainly needs and deserves a big break as an artist.

For more from Alba check out her official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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