Marigold Ingot – Whiskey and Wine (2021)

When Marigold Ingot hit us with her debut EP Blame Game, she really let us know what she was all about dancing from one genre to another while steeping us in emotion. With her single ‘Whiskey and Wine’, she has taken her dancing between genres and turned it into a fusion of pop, country and jazz. She combines this blended sound with a cheeky and sassy celebration in the lyrics.

Written at the start of the pandemic, she celebrates the ability to spend time with yourself in difficult situations. Woven into the track is the understanding that we can’t control everything, but we can sit back, relax and enjoy our favourite beverage. If you are looking for a single that unleashes the joy of simply being by yourself, this is definitely the track you want.

‘Whiskey and Wine’ rolls into your senses with a flow that has you swaying to the rhythm before you can stop yourself. The melody is a perfect fusion of tones with a country piano that meets Americana drums and bluegrass guitars. Through the melody, Ingot sets you up for a relaxed time sitting back and enjoying yourself with a glass of something you like. There is a wonderful richness to the melody that creates a soft cushion that you can easily sink into and get comfortable in. The warmth of the instrumentation adds to this comfortable feeling that puts every part of your soul at peace.

As you wiggle in the rich softness of the melody, Ingot’s vocals bring a sassy smirking celebration to your ears. The upbeat and rather cheery vocal performance is sure to put a smile on your face and have you singing along on the chorus. The celebration in the lyrics and vocals are more subdued than you might imagine but hits in the best possible way. It is like Friday night spent at home after a long day at work where you can do anything you want and cover yourself in everything that comforts you.

Marigold Ingot has you sinking into comfortable and soft surroundings while celebrating being in your own company through the rich tones of ‘Whiskey and Wine’. The melody has you swaying and relaxing into your favourite soft surface. With a cheerful vibe and sassy smirk, Ingot’s vocals hand you a glass of whiskey or wine to help you sink into the bone-melting relaxation of enjoying time on your own.

Find out more about Marigold Ingot on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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