Alba Rose – Eve (2021)

After making her mark on the underground music scene through various projects including the band Corduroy, Alba Rose is hitting out on her own. Her debut solo single ‘Eve’ draws on jazz and neo-soul to expand on themes of self-acceptance and self-release. Through the delicate tones of the track, she leads listeners to let go of guilt and internal pressures while learning to trust themselves.

A poignant message wrapped up in beautiful melodics, the single allows Rose’s vocals to shine while connecting with every listener on a profound level. Moving away from her roots in electronic and indie pop, her first solo outing highlights the depths of her musical ability and lets us know that there is so much more to her. Not only is the single a wonderful taste of her solo music, but is also gets listeners interested in her upcoming debut EP.

‘Eve’ washes over you with a stunning soulful jazz vibe. The instrumentation is sultry and seductive as it draws you close into an intimate embrace. Each instrument has you wanting to close your eyes and swaying to their rhythm. It is such a rich soundscape that you can’t help but sink into it. You can hear the influences of both jazz and neo-soul coming together and twining into an enthralling sound. The relaxing sounds of the music lift pressures off your chest and shoulders allowing the vocals and lyrics to gently lead you to a sense of self-love.

The richness of the melody twirls around the dulcet tones of Rose’s performance. Her voice is powerful in its soft waves that catch your attention and sweep you into her performance. The light touch of her voice enhances the relaxing vibes of the music while touching on some rather universal experiences. The lyrics dip into losing yourself and giving in to the pressures of the world. While acknowledging this, she pulls you out of the deep waters to wrap you in a sense of self-assurance. It is an extremely uplifting track that slinks into your senses that settles over your soul like a satin sheet.

Alba Rose blows you away with the soulful jazz sweep that is her debut single ‘Eve’. The relaxing tones of the melody are rich as they twirl around you and let you sink into them. Her vocals enhance the soulful flows while leading you from dark places into the light of self-assurance.

Find out more about Alba Rose on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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