Sasha Daniel – Pollen (2021)

There are many things that the pandemic has taught us and appreciating every moment is one of them. This is something that Sasha Daniel pours into her single ‘Pollen’ while encouraging listeners to embrace experiences with open arms. Taking the good with the bad, she reminds us that it is all part of life and adds colours to the beautiful painting that is life.

Inspired by the pollen she saw while on holiday with her partner after lockdown, she draws us into the moment with a nostalgic pop sound. No newcomer to the music scene, Daniel was part of the electronic duo Sasha & the Bear and has collaborated with various artists over the years. Her solo work draws on her multicultural background for a flair of euphoric sounds.

‘Pollen’ opens with her vocals that breeze through your ears like a wind rustling the leaves of the trees. The harmonising lines add to the breezy feeling of the vocal line. The delicate touch of her voice is a delight against the popping tones of the melody. The crystal clear clarity of her performance is a cool water that revitalises your senses. Through the light movement of her vocals, you are drawn into the moment of pollen soaring on the wind and the beauty of the natural world. Her performance has you turning your attention to the energy of each moment we experience and embracing outstanding beauty that we often overlook.

While the vocals ground you in the moment while breezing through your senses, the melody breathes with a plush richness. The tapping beats after the harmonised vocals give way to an earthy beat that reminds you of cool soil under bare feet. There is something about the melody that fills you with the bliss that you can only get when you are surrounded by nature and taking in the energy it provides. As the energy of the music swirls up your body, it brings a bright feeling with it that leaves you feeling lighter.

If the single on its own doesn’t have you feeling relaxed and appreciative of every moment, the official music video just might. The underwater visuals opening the video perfectly captures the pressures we feel every day. The visuals change between these underwater scenes, Daniel resting in a meadow and freely leaping into the air. The movement of the visuals picks up the arrangement of the single to bring the emotions of the track. It is a soft music video that uses visuals to perfection in order to embrace the softness of the single.

Sasha Daniel encourages us to embrace the here and now while considering the beautiful energy of every moment in ‘Pollen’. The softness of the single is relaxing and leaves you feeling lighter. Her vocals are clear and touching as they sweep the energy of the natural world into your veins. The accompanying official music video uses captivating imagery to bring the message of the single home.

Find out more about Sasha Daniel on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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