Albert Eno – A Kind of Cure (2021)

Everyone has something that soothes them when they feel that the world has become too much. For many people, this is music and that is what Albert Eno has picked up on in his single ‘A Kind of Cure’. Touching on the meaning of music and the song-writing process in his life, he offers up music as a cure and the shining light of hope that those in trouble need.

As the opening song of his first solo album, Eno eases you into his sound while offering a balm for any rugged edges in your life. Inspired by a day spent with Stu Larsen talking about their respective projects, the single warms your bones and fixes cracks you never knew you had. It also makes you excited to hear what else Eno’s album has to offer.

Eno’s vocals grab your attention from the first moment of ‘A Kind of Cure’. He whispers into your ears with a soothing flow that softly draws you into the single. There is a slight rasp to his voice that brings an authentic vibe to the performance. As the song progresses, the softness of the opening turns into a powerful call. The strength of his vocals carries a pain-laced warble that cuts into your soul as he asks for something to fix the cracks we all have. There is a rather intense mixture of pain and hope intertwined in his vocal performance that wonderfully captures how a lot of people are feeling right now.

The vocals are really the star of the show, but this does not mean that the melody is anything to overlook. The simplicity of the acoustic guitar strumming behind the vocals enhances the softness of the opening. It helps Eno pull you into his contemplation of curing that which ails you while the church bell sound rings in a change of pace. As his voice rises into the powerful cry, the guitar matches it. Every aspect of the melody is used to bolster the messaging of the lyrics and the emotional hit of the vocals.

Albert Eno fills you with an intense mixture of pain and hope while searching for a soothing balm for the rough edges of life in ‘A Kind of Cure’. The single uses a personal premise as a starting point but turns it into something so beautifully universal. The pained vocals touch something deep in your chest that you never knew was crying out for help.

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