Filip Dahl – Cry of a Broken Heart (2022)

Filip Dahl is starting his 2022 releases on a high note with the instrumental ballad ‘Cry of a Broken Heart’. This instrumental track brings the soulfulness of blues to the building movement of rock and wraps it all in emotion that sinks into your chest. While the single is instrumental, Dahl has the ability to make the instrumentation sing and tell the story as it develops through the soundscape.

A guitar-based single, Dahl melds the tenderness of the piano with the building layers of the music that lead you to the grand end of the track. No newcomer to the music scene, Dahl started his career in Norwegian rock bands in the 70s before becoming a recognised engineer and producer. After a break from the music world, he is back in full force as a composer and multi-instrumentalist.

‘Cry of a Broken Heart’ has a stripped back opening with an electric guitar calling out rather mournfully over a light piano line. Woven between these two instruments is an acoustic guitar that adds depth to the sound. The electric guitar is the main hook to the track as it tells its sad tale. Through the movement of the lead guitar, you can feel your heart being tugged with the sadness each note brings. The lament of the guitar breaks your heart and injects the melancholic emotions of the ballad into your veins. While there are no words in the track, the heartbroken call of the lead guitar is more than enough to clearly paint the picture of sadness. At times, the guitar brings images of rain pouring down over a solitary heartbroken figure which is so powerful and poignant.

As the lead guitar tells the sad tale of the single, the other instrumentation builds under its morose musings. The opening piano line continues to wind through the melody bringing the low notes of sadness that stick with you long after the initial pain of heartbreak has faded. The slow increase in instrumentation is like the building well of sadness inside that you try to shove down only to have it rise higher and higher. The drums bring the whip of cold wind lashing rain against you while building toward the grand ending of the track. This ending is the bursting of the dam with all the emotions of the track washing over you.

Filip Dahl masterfully builds a well of heartbroken emotions in your chest that bursts in the final moments of ‘Cry of a Broken Heart’. This instrumental ballad is a masterpiece of emotion and the power of a lead guitar. Through the single, Dahl tugs at your emotions, fills you with sadness and paints a morose picture that makes the single even more enjoyable.

Find out more about Filip Dahl on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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