S. Lois – I Stopped Worrying (A Long Time Ago) (2021)

There are a lot of things that we worry about and sometimes wish that we didn’t. ‘I Stopped Worrying (A Long Time Ago)’ by S. Lois takes this sentiment and puts it to delightful Americana folk. Written in a hospital parking lot while waiting for his wife’s medical check, it captures feeling worried and not wanting to feel worried perfectly.

After recording the song the night after writing it, S. Lois asked his bluegrass jam session friend Floris to add banjo to the arrangement. Bringing his no-nonsense style of music to the problem, he has created a single that helps you get through uncertain times. With easy vocals on layered melodics, he draws inspiration from Americana greats.

‘I Stopped Worrying (A Long Time Ago)’ slowly makes its way into your ears with a slight warble that gives way to a delightful Americana flow. The organic tones of the melody have an earthy feeling that makes you think of sitting on the porch as the sun warms you. The combination of guitars and banjo is wonderful as the instruments dance together to the folky flows of the music. The warm feeling of the music helps you relax and lifts some of the worries from your shoulders. There is a moment of instrumentation later in the track that perfectly captures the interplay between the instruments that you easily vibe to.

Against this relaxing melody rests the vocals that continue the easy folk vibes of the music. There is something in the vocal delivery that makes you want to smile and sway. The lyrics offer you a glimpse of what life could be like if you just stop worrying about every little thing. As you breathe to the song, you are filled with the sense that you are able to get through any uncertain times if you just give up a bit of the worry.

S. Lois lifts some of the worries from your shoulders with the gentle folk tones of ‘I Stopped Worrying (A Long Time Ago)’. The organic flows of the melody make it easy to relax into the soundscape while the vocals and music lift the stress of the day from you. The lyrics wonderfully highlight a life without worries while acknowledging that the worries are there through the vocal performance.

Find out more about S. Lois on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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