ALÉ – The Drop (2020)

Are you looking for music that does more than just crossing language and genre barriers? ALÉ uses his soundscape to form a language and genre of its own and this is highlighted by his single ‘The Drop’. To create this soundscape, he uses friendly beats wrapped in self-empowered themes mixing wordplay in both English and Spanish.

The man behind the music, Ale Gonzalez Gomez, is a multi-instrumental and multi-faceted singer-songwriter and producer. Over the years, he has honed his production and writing skills to create lyrical themes for unique and captivating soundscapes. Through the flow of the music you will be able to fall into the soundscape and messaging of the track.

‘The Drop’ hits you with some really friendly beats from the first second. As the beats draw you into the song, the guitar notes take you hand and drag you further into the melody. There is a unique style to the music as it swings from gentle rock sounds to ambient electronic pulses. The movement throws you for a loop, but is strangely captivating as it wraps around you. There is something almost undeniable about the melody as it sneakily infiltrates your sense and gets you hooked.

Over the melody is a smooth vocal performance that is like a wave over the music. There is a slick feeling to the vocals that you can’t help but get drawn into. The smoothness of the performance has you falling into the lyrics in this really enjoyable way. The lyrics themselves are full of self-empowering vibes and make you feel like you can move on from just about everything.

ALÉ fills you with empowering vibes while filling your ears with a unique blend of rock and electronic pop in ‘The Drop’. His vocals are a smooth layer that sits over a melody that swings from rock to pop with an unbelievable ease.

Find out more about ALÉ on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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