S J Denney – The Unsung Hero (2020)

There are times when you just need to pay tribute to the unsung heroes in your life. This is what S J Denney is doing with his aptly titled single ‘The Unsung Hero’. The song is an ode to his wife who saved him from a dark past and continues to amazing him with how she handles everything including parenthood. Taking inspiration from various musicians, he combines his emotions and instruments into a wonderful tribute.

While the single has a very personal meaning, there is a lot each of us can connect with. Most of us have some unsung heroes in our lives who continue to impress us with how they handle everything. This sense of wonder is perfectly put to music in this single with a combination of folk stylings and a rather great clarinet solo.

‘The Unsung Hero’ uses a layered melody to get your attention. There are two distinct layers to the opening that come through on their own yet work together to propel you into the song. This is an interesting sonic device when you consider the backstory of the track. The deeper guitar that comes in later adds a little depth and grounding to the song. The clarinet solo adds to the depth of the melody as it comes in smoothly.

Denney’s vocals carry the vibe of the track with this smooth and emotive performance. You can hear the wonder in each word as he pays tribute to the unsung hero. The lyrics have a personal story at the start, but this moves to something more encompassing. As you move away from the personal story, there is a lot that you can connect with.

S J Denney pays tribute to ‘The Unsung Hero’ in his life with a smooth single and awesome clarinet solo. While the single has a personal meaning, there is a lot that everyone can relate to. After all, most of us have unsung heroes in our lives and this is a great ode to them.

Find out more about S J Denney on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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