Alex Julia – Tunnel Vision (2021)

Alex Julia is no stranger to songs that delve into self-reflection and honest considerations, but her latest single strikes a chord on a more profound level. ‘Tunnel Vision’ uses an expressive folk soundscape that brings a touch of 90s emo to look at her deeply personal struggle with chronic illness and depression. Swirling comfort around uncertainty, she leads listeners to something optimistic strengthened by a natural resolve that is in all of us.

Drawing her lyrics and music from a genuine place and with a wonderful openness, she connects and embraces listeners. Following on from her emotive and revealing EP and summer single, Julia continues to bring the realities of life to sonic glory. Facing the world with a new softness, Julia has you considering your own depths, struggles and resilience.

The soft folk vibes of ‘Tunnel Vision’ strum into your ears through the tone of the acoustic guitar. There is a floating feeling to the guitar line that is enhanced by the raindrops of piano notes. These two instruments come together for a gentle rise in the melody that pulls you into a brighter light. While the melody carries a thread of reflectiveness, there is also this undeniable pull forward toward something brighter at the end of the tunnel. The swell and dip of the melody are emotive as it captures the rise to optimism that slips through your fingers for the depths of depression.

The emotive movement of the track is given greater substance through the genuine and honest lyrics. When the melody dips for the reflections of the verses, the lyrics pull you into depressive thoughts and the feeling that nothing ever goes right. While this changes on the chorus, this is subtle as there is still an acknowledgement of the problems you face but it is eclipsed by the positivity for the future. All of this is delivered in a raw and vulnerable vocal performance. Julia’s vocals on the verses tug at your heart with the pain and sadness she laces into each word. The chorus does bring positivity as her voice starts to rise and soar. It is an unbelievable performance that weaves so many emotions into a depiction of the complexities of life.

Alex Julia tugs at your heart with the emotive sounds of ‘Tunnel Vision’. The melody is reflective and emotive as it rises and falls through the verses and chorus. Her vocals bring a tender flood of complex emotions as she pulls you into the poetic struggle of the lyrics.

Find out more about Alex Julia on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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