Alex Ohm – The Lost Persons Meeting Point (2021)

The Lost Persons Meeting Point is Alex Ohm’s first EP and one that has been very timely released. While each track has its own identity and message, they come together to capture what we have all been feeling recently. Starting with the title of the EP, Ohm gathered a body of songs to match and encompass what the band and listeners are going through.

While the last year has been crippling for many in the art world, Ohm and his band have trudged on and released two singles from the EP. The proceeds from these singles have gone to the mental health charity Mind. This first collection of tracks from Ohm and his band are also available on a limited-edition, eco-friendly, coloured vinyl.

The EP opens with ‘Going Nowhere Fast’ which softly draws you in before the thrumming bass grabs your chest. Ohm’s vocals call out over the bassline like the sun peeking out from behind the clouds and dispersing mist. The melody builds as the track progresses for a depth of emotion and sound that bolsters the vocals. The chorus is extremely catchy and you are going to call out with Ohm. There is a wonderful indie-rock vibe to the music while the lyrics are easy to connect with as you work through feelings of being lost and finding where you belong.

‘Hours’ has a deeper vibe to the music that comes through in the darker tones of the guitar opening. The light tapping drums lead you to earthy vocals that have just the right amount of growling to them. Through the single, you are filled with a sense of claustrophobia and the feeling that everything is caving in on you. While packed with these anxiety-riddled feelings, the track is really captivating and enjoyable to listen to. There is a search for escape within the vocals and lyrics that is easy to relate to and will have you vibing to it.

The drums of ‘Breaking Up’ take you in another direction compared to the tracks that came before. There is an interesting acoustic tone to the music that creates an organic feeling before the electric guitar soars through. There is a questioning feeling to the vocals that is mixed with a resigned vibe. This is an emotive song that fills you with a sense of apathy and the constant flow of mundane living.

‘Sometimes’ has a more energetic blast that shakes the cobwebs from your brain. The flowing guitar lines pulse against your ears before you drop to Ohm’s vocals. There is a night-time feeling to the track that makes you want to lean in to listen to the lyrics. The rise and fall of the vocal delivery culminate in a shout that is echoed back which is just wonderful. This adds a little something new to the track and gives you a strange sense of connection like you know that there are others who understand what you feel.

The EP comes to a hazy close with ‘Time Waits (For No One)’. There is an almost folky feeling to the music as the guitars hazily waft in the high levels and the acoustic guitar builds in the lower levels. The floating feeling of the track perfectly captures the emotions of the song as you feel time wisping past you. While you ride the flows of time, the vocals have you connecting with someone. Through his performance, Ohm reaches out a hand for you to grab onto and feel a connection with someone who understands you.

Alex Ohm has you riding a range of emotions through his EP The Lost Persons Meeting Point. Each track has a unique vibe as they touch on different aspects of life from anxiety to floating in the river of time. Catchy, organic and energetic, the EP will have you riding the waves of emotions Ohm brings to life.

Find out more about Alex Ohm on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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