Country Club – Closer (2021)

Country Club is taking a different approach with his latest single ‘Closer’. Blending some nostalgic tones with a unique musical journey, he will have you riding retro tones with a modern twist. With a touch of trip-hop, new wave and bedroom pop, his unique sounds will swirl around you for a single packed with personality and individualism.

This melded soundscape comes from Leon Holmes, the man behind the club. The musical project was started to create music that blends retro and contemporary musical genres. With a unique vibe to each single he releases, his music showcases his abilities, innovation and what every genre has to offer.

‘Closer’ uses an interesting mixture of ambient sounds, deep beats and hazy synths to grab your attention. The music continues to feature these layers with the beat getting your head moving while the synths and other instrumentation has you floating in the soundscape. The synths bring some of the retro vibes to the music while the beats are more contemporary. There is a depth to the music that you continue to fall into as the song progresses. It is like a well of sound that you slide down seemingly without any end. The lower levels of the music act as a twilight that darkens the edges of your vision while the higher tones zip past you and dance around your head.

Holmes’ vocals are a shadowy whisper against your ears. There is a hypnotic vibe to his performance as it smoothly draws you further into the single. There is a gentle call out to you that makes you want to lean into his voice. His vocal performance helps you breathe easily as you relax into the lush sounds of the single.

Country Club has you riding some hazy blended vibes in ‘Closer’. The melody combines retro genres with a modern feeling while creating a depth of sound that has you falling through the soundscape. The vocals compliment this with a smooth and rich performance that lets you relax into the deepening freefall of the music.

Find out more about Country Club on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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