Sandra Iris – Spaceship (2020)

Sandra Iris tells an interesting tale of two people meeting in their dreams each night with her single ‘Spaceship’. The single tracks the interactions and how their dream room turns into a spaceship. While it doesn’t provide any resolution or final meeting, the single does inundate you with the emotional impact of each meeting.

The story is told to the dreamy sounds of Sandra Iris and LEIDAN. While the pair have worked together on other releases, this is the first for LEIDAN as a solo artist. Fitting Iris’ lyrics with LEIDAN’s instrumentals, the pair takes you on a synth-filled journey you will not forget.

‘Spaceship’ brings out the futurist space vibes from the first second with some zippy synths. The light tones that bubble up and twang below the synths continue this vibe. As the song progresses, the beat grabs you and leads you through the wide expanse of space. There are a lot of elements that come and go throughout the song that work really well together. The intertwining layers are able to form the dreamscape of the song while offering you the vastness of space. At the same time, there is an intimacy created by the soft tones.

Over this melody is the engaging vocal performance. Iris and LEIDAN create both sides of the relationship with their vocals, but Iris does play a larger role. The blended vocal performance continues the intimacy created by the melody. It also draws you into the dreamscape and places you in the spaceship of the lyrics.

Sandra Iris teams up with LEIDAN to take you through a dreamscape and into space with ‘Spaceship’. The multi-layered melody creates the expanse of space while offering you an intimate sound to get lost in. The interplay of vocals is wonderful and really draws you into the story of the lyrics.

Find out more about Sandra Iris on her Facebook and Spotify.

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