Alexander Joseph – Broken But Beautiful (2020)

Alexander Joseph is reflecting on the major moments of life in his five-track EP Broken But Beautiful. Drawing on his experiences of fatherhood, losing a loved one, mental health and faith, each single leaves you with a heartfelt message. While hitting on some rather heavy topics, he looks to encourage and inspire through his reflective and poignant music.

You might remember Joseph from his sport-inspired songs in 2016 which were featured on the Channel 4 show ‘The Superhumans Show’. While he is not focusing on sport in this EP, his passion remains the same. If you are in need of an emotional and mental boost right now, this EP is sure to provide it.

The EP starts with ‘What Fathers Do’ and, as the name suggests, is all about fatherhood. The opening of the track has this wonderful build-up before you are introduced to Joseph’s vocals. His performance starts with a plea and moves into an explanation, but has this amazing vibe to it. The edge of honesty in the performance makes the song hit harder and leaves you smiling as you listen. It is a very interesting song as you are given some insight into the mentality of a new father.

‘Broken’ uses a captivating piano line to hook you and draw you into the vocals. This song is much sadder than the last as it looks at mental health and feeling broken. While this could easily become a very depressing track, there is a thread of hope and resilience woven into it. After being hit with dark emotions, you are given some motivation. This is a very poignant song and really hits you in the chest.

The progressive guitar line of ‘Your Love Song’ has this epic feeling to it as it starts to soar only to be cut down before the vocals. The vocals have this depth to them, but they soar for the chorus which you will probably start to sing as you listen. This song hits you in a very different way to the last but is just as poignant. There is something about it that you can’t help but get lost in. This is potentially my favourite track on the EP.

‘Waiting For You’ opens with a simple piano line that is joined by strings in the background. There are a few layers to the melody that complement the emotions evoked by the lyrics. Taking on the loss of a loved one, each part of the melody coincides with what you feel at these times. Joseph’s vocals have this understanding tone to them that gives you a sense of solace during these turbulent times. By the end of the song, you are left with a lighter feeling and knowing that losing a loved one does not mean that they are truly gone.

The EP ends with ‘Invincible’ which hits you with a resilient vibe from the very start. There is something lurking in the melody from the first second that fills you with a fighting spirit. This is the most motivational of the tracks on the EP as you are filled with a sense that you can do what you need to. There is a relentless determination threaded into the vocals and melody of the song and this transfers to you as you listen.

Alexander Joseph gives you that motivational and positive boost you might need with his EP Broken But Beautiful. While each song tackles a different topic, they all leave you feeling uplifted and that you can go forward with confidence.

Find out more about Alexander Joseph on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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