Luna Keller – A Ray Of Light (2020)

The unforgettable songstress Luna Keller is back with her latest single ‘A Ray Of Light’ from her upcoming EP Prophecies and Silver Linings. Following on from her last captivating single ‘I’ll Bring You Home’, she continues to remind us of the importance of being there for each other. This path of positivity is highlighted in the new track.

While she started writing a sad song, it turned into one of hope. The single speaks about resilience and strength because we know that somewhere deep inside the sun is rising. Playing with the concepts of darkness and light, the track is full of imagery and motivation.

You are drawn into ‘A Ray Of Light’ with the haunting and brooding opening. The sad tones of the opening lead you to the flowing melody of the track. There is a depth to the song that is amazing to hear and creates the ideal platform for Keller’s vocals. While the brooding notes are clear throughout the song, there is a change in the melody that gives you hope and is like a ray of light breaking through the clouds.

Keller’s vocals on this song are a strong presence that holds your hand as you are led down the path she weaves in the lyrics. She is able to gently guide you through the darkness and light of the track is a bewitching manner. The power of her voice breaks through on this song as she soars through the sombre tones to inspire and motivate.

Luna Keller shines brightly with a powerful vocal performance in ‘A Ray Of Light’. Her outstanding performance is bolstered by the melody that moves from brooding to empowering. While her last single was captivating, this song takes everything to a different level.

Find out more about Luna Keller on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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