Ali Bla Bla – Speedy Coke (2020)

Regretful nights out are something that most people have experienced at some point. Ali Bla Bla offers you an ode to these nights in his latest single ‘Speedy Coke’. While the name and vibe of the track might make you think it is a homage to low-quality drugs, there is much more lurking within the punk-rock tones. Through the story of wild escapades, there is a warning about the physical and psychological consequences of consuming those low-quality drugs.

You might know Ali Bla Bla from his time in the band Kings of the City that came to an end with the tragic passing of their lead singer. After this, he took some time off and a step back from the music scene. His return this year has seen him unleash his arsenal of progressive alternative anthems taking on various aspects of society.

A driving punk rock guitar riff sets the tone for ‘Speedy Coke’. This guitar line has a The Offspring vibe to it, but that is as far as this influence extends. When the vocals hit, you are taken in a completely different direction as the track hits rap-rock territory. The rap vocals have this punk vibe to them while they set the scene leading to the regretful night.

Ali is able to clearly create a life that could lead you to taking some speedy coke. However, the song swings rapidly from party times to hit you with all the consequences of your actions. This swing does not impact the infectious rhythm of the track. The chorus has this beat and will get you singing along before you realise. It also sticks in your head for a really long time.

Accompanying this single is the official music video. The video takes you to the streets of London for a night of fun and coke. It is a video that is a lot of fun to watch and captures the essence of the single. It is also very well-made while being relatively simple and set primarily in one bar.

Ali Bla Bla takes you on a wild night out while showing you the consequences in his lively single ‘Speedy Coke’. The track has amazing punk rap vocals with these underlying guitar lines that elevate the track. The music video is engaging and amazingly done as it captures every aspect of the lyrics and the overall message of the song.

Find out more about Ali Bla Bla on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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