JAAG – Tension (2020)

There are a lot of difficulties we face every day and struggling against them can wear on you. ‘Tension’ from JAAG encourages you and gives you the boost you need to embrace the struggle. It asks you to take a leap of faith, break a sweat and even bend the rules. Through these steps, you enter a place where you can grow and see the beauty within the struggle.

The man trying to get you to take this leap is Jeremiah Gray, the lead vocalist, bassist, pianist and writer of JAAG. He is accompanied by friends and other collaborators from Newbury Park, California. A classically trained opera singer, Gray combines his classical roots with enticing rock tones for a track that boosts you and gives you the faith to take that leap.

A voice breaks through in the opening of ‘Tension’ before being joined by harmonising lines. The haunting vocals throughout the single are sung as a duet. The vocals from the opening combine with Gray’s in the chorus before the verses are traded off between them. The stirring vocals have these amazing layers and encourage you to embrace your struggles. There is something about the performance that slides smoothly against your ears.

As the vocals envelope you, the melody is an intense blend of instrumentation. There are these deep cello notes that set the melody and wrap themselves around you while a harp lightly plucks in the background. These classical elements combine with the electric guitar to create further layering. There are a lot of elements to the melody that weave together to create this exquisitely rich and velvety backdrop for the vocals.

JAAG combines exquisite instrumentation, rich vocals and an empowering message for the sonic delight that is ‘Tension’. As the single encourages you to take a leap of faith, you are enveloped in the groovy soundscape that is like velvet against your skin.

Find out more about JAAG on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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