Ali Horn – End Credits (2020)

In 2019, Liverpool-based singer-songwriter Ali Horn released his critically acclaimed debut EP It Wears Off. Soon, he began gaining a reputation for insightful lyricism over soothing melodies alongside a growing following. Featured on BBC Radio Merseyside, BBC Radio 6, BBC Radio 1, Fresh on the Net, Radio X, Indie Central Music and Get Into This, Horn is making waves on a national and international level. In fact, his extensive gigging experience took him to the East of Russia at one point performing in Ulyanovsk. Melding indie guitar hooks with Dylan-esque lyricism, Horn is blasting through your speakers once again with ‘End Credits’.

The sophomore release of 2020, ‘End Credits’ is described by Horn as a “hopeless plea for temporary happiness”. Launching into a nihilistic perspective, the single looks at inner conflict, isolation and “slipping into the unknown”. Yet, despite the dreary concept of the track, this sombre single has an element of optimism and hopefulness with a cheerful bounce in its melody.

A slightly more buoyant track as compared to the previous single ‘The Waves’, ‘End Credits’ has a toe-tapping quality but with an insightful poignancy in the raw vocals. Using an almost Dylan and Cohen-esque spoken-word narrative, the smooth melody meets with basic vocals resulting in a gritty, tough and slightly desperate single. It’s difficult to describe the emotion behind the simplistic sound – it’s far more captivating than words can describe. Enchanting and beguiling, ‘End Credits’ strikes a chord and stirs one’s soul in a rather delicate but uncomplicated way.

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