Calm. – Deflate Me (2020)

Existing in some form or other for approximately ten years, Calm. is punk meets alternation rock meets rock ‘n’ roll meets…oh hell, I don’t know. They’re just unique and cannot be pigeon-holed. Hailing from the UK, the Harrogate trio have a pounding sound with slight reminiscence to Green Day, Blink 182 and Sum 41. The latest addition to their inspiring discography is ‘Deflate Me’.

Known for high-paced, energetic and outlandishly lively performances, Calm. hits the soundwaves with their sophomore single ‘Deflate Me’. The follow up to their debut ‘Feeling Fly’ – read our review here – ‘Deflate Me’ is upbeat. spirited and full of attitude. Touching on the concept of disconnection, isolation and loneliness, the single is touching in its own gritty way.

“I would love to spin a deep yarn about love lost and experiences gained but frankly it’s all a bit more shallow than that… I love the idea that even though I never tried to write a conscious narrative or story, it’s all still a result of the experiences I’ve been through. There’s still a sense of self there but with the added bonus that it’s abstract enough to make me sound like a smart and worldly guy when I’m not and allow the listener to put themselves in the song too!” – Ashley Merritt on ‘Deflate Me’

While the punch in the face instrumentation can wind you, but in a good way, Merritt’s narrative lyricism and grungy vocals enhance the sophistication of the melody. Introspective and genuine, without being too tear-inducing, Calm. exposes their fragility in an eloquent and somewhat elegant way. A cohesive melding of powerful guitars, Jamie Lyons’ side-splitting guitars and Merritt’s gritty tone, ‘Deflate Me’ showcases the lads’ raw energy and innovativeness as artists.

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