Alicia Kruger – Summertime (2020)

A lot of people make plans for the summer from travelling to relaxing. Alicia Kruger is no different and her single ‘Summertime’ is the tale of these plans. Through the song, she takes you through the planning of a wild summer of fun with travel and not being home for a long time. However, these plans are taken over when she instead falls in love.

Using her emotive storytelling ability, she places you inside the tale and has you feeling like everything happened to you. Combining contemporary RnB, jazz, pop, disco and trap, she fills you with her vibes whether sickly sweet or dark and creepy.

‘Summertime’ uses pounding beats to grab your attention. While these beats pulse in the lower levels of the melody, there are a number of layers resting over them. The summer vibe is created through a combination of lighter notes in the upper layers of the melody and the sample of bird song. Throughout the melody, you can hear notes from the different genres that influence Kruger’s sound. However, the overall flow of the melody is all contemporary RnB with a larger hint of neo-soul. While the summer vibe comes through in the music, there is an undertone of shifting perspective from a wild summer to something more.

The story of the single comes through with Kruger’s vocals which have a wonderful smooth flow to them. Her performance offers a great melodic flow to the song that you are able to slide down. The RnB vibes of her voice are packed with emotion as she moves from a fun summer to love. There is a chilled feeling to the movement which makes you think of warm days spent with someone you love and just having a good time being together.

Alicia Kruger fills you with chilled vibes as she throws you into summer love with her single ‘Summertime’. The RnB vibe of the single wraps around you like warm summer rays and fills you with a sense of contentment.

Find out more about Alicia Kruger on her Instagram and Spotify.

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