A Chat with The 8th Bridge (01.06.2013)

The 8th Bridge took a moment to speak with The Other Side Reviews’ Warren Allen after their set at Penarth Music Co-op’s Battle of the Bands.

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OSR: So how do you guys think tonight went?

G: Really well.

Ben: This was our first gig and we had a good time.

OSR: What did you think of the other bands?

Sean: They were musically really good. Inferno Ortum were really talented, just a little bit too samey and a bit much at times. Redmoth were good, you could tell they gig a lot and are experienced.

OSR: So, what bands inspire you?

Ben: I am inspired by bass players like Billy Sheehan, while Danny likes bands like Megadeth.

G: Metallica!

OSR: I hear you’ve had some online radio play, how did that come about?

Sean: Persistence! I kept sending emails and mp3s out to people and managed to get some air time on Fort Myers Radio FMR and Rad Radio.

OSR: You have your EP Twist The Knife out, when’s the album coming?

Ben: We’re working on it! We have some ideas and should get some more recording done soon.

Sean: It’s just good. Now we have a disc we can send off to different people to get exposure and gigs.

OSR: Do you feel you’ve mastered your sound as a unit now?

Ben: Yes, we all work together really well. We try to have a diverse collection of songs to have something for everyone.

OSR: If you had to, in what genre would you classify yourself?

Ben: Rock-Metal-Vegetarian Progressive Grindcore!!

OSR: Any more gigs planned?

Ben: Not yet. Our hope is that by doing this tonight and speaking with all the people here, we will be able to network and get involved in future events and shows.

OSR: Final question, the question you always need! If you could be any fictional character, who would you be and why?

Ben: I would be The Hulk, because every other super hero is easy to be and The Hulk is big, green and bad-ass!!

Danny: The Invisible Man so I can sneak around without anyone knowing I am there, and get up to mischief in places I really shouldn’t be!!

Sean: Batman, The Dark Knight, because he’s sexy and mysterious and it would be ironic. And I love the spandex!

G: Wolverine. I like the regenerative capabilities and he’s awesome!!!!
Thank you to The 8th Bridge for meeting with The Other Side Reviews and answering our burning questions. For a review of the event where this interview took place, please check this link —> Battle of the Bands @ The Windsor Arms, Penarth (01/06/2013)

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