Allusia – Animal Nature (2022)

Allusia brings the daring and unapologetic nature of her personality to her music with her EP Animal Nature. Across the tracks, she packs a punch of attitude-infused vocals, melodics that keep you guessing and some really daring bass lines. A pop and dance party infusion, the EP is a whirlwind of fever dreams and the artistry that Allusia uses to create a kingdom of her own.

A seasoned professional of the entertainment industry, Allusia draws on her experience as the savage drag queen extraordinaire we all know and love, to create a moving party vibe. Over the years, Allusia has appeared in moves and TV shows including Glow, Bones, We Are Your Friends and the cult favourite Cherry Pop. As she strives to make the world a better place for the queer community, she has you dancing to her rhythm.

The EP opens with ‘Party Rhino’ and its deep ultraviolet beat. The beat vibrates through your chest leading you down a hallway toward the dancefloor of the main melodic line. Allusia’s vocals pack a serious punch of attitude as she introduces herself and lets you know she is here to bring the party vibe. Her vocals have a pulse to the delivery that makes you want to sing along with her. Her rather sassy rap is extremely addictive and you can’t help but feel the intense urge to sing along with her. As you listen to this opening track, you start to move, as it sets the attitude of the entire EP.

‘Psycho Pony’ has a deeper vibration to the opening beat that has your feet tapping and head bopping. There is a darker feeling to Allusia’s vocals on this track as the vocals take a crasser turn that carries the unapologetic air of her music. Her vocals have a slightly more melodic flow to them, compared to the pulse of rap in the opening track. At times there is a sigh to her performance before she slaps you with a dark seduction. While there is less of a party dance vibe to this track, you are still thrust into a light dance vibe. Throughout the single, there is an interplay between Allusia’s attitude vocals and a darker electronic voice that adds a wonderful texture to the track.

Everything takes a more traditional dance-pop turn for the opening of ‘I’m So Shy’. Allusia’s vocals slide between the humming backing vocals for a smooth flow. The horn tones add to the slide of the melody that gets your shoulders swaying to the rhythm before you know what is happening. The more understated tone of the vocal delivery in this track perfectly picks up the feeling of the lyrics. There is a shy touch to her performance that makes you feel like you are reaching out for something you want, only to draw your hand back at the last moment. While shier than the other tracks, her personality is resting just below the surface, waiting to be unleashed. This comes through in the rap that is a lot of fun to listen to.

The EP comes to a close with ‘Murder Kitty’ and the rather jazzy opening that bounces through your soul. This is by far the most addictive track of the single as it showcases everything that Allusia has to offer. There is a melodic flow that you can’t help but fall into, followed by vocals that pack a savage punch. She pulls you in with a seductive touch only to unveil the claws that are waiting behind the soft façade. The jazzy tones that opened the melody turn into a shivering movement that has you moving to the rhythm, while the chorus has you calling out with her. At times, there is a slight experimental touch to the undertones of the melody, but this just pushes the attitude of the track higher.

Allusia has you moving to her rhythm as she brings a punch of attitude to a wonderful showcase of her musical talents in Animal Nature. Each track on the EP has a completely different vibe showcasing the scale of her musicality. While touching on different flows, Allusia’s personality and attitude shine through in each.

Find out more about Allusia on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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