pMad – Medicine (2022)

With his second single ‘Medicine’, pMad is combining his haunting and gloomy vocals with dramatic melodics. This sonic merger is wrapped around inspirational and aspirational lyrics that explore hope and the power within us all. Through the single, he asks some heavy questions while pulsing the gentle glow of hope through the darkness of the vicious cycles we often find ourselves in.

This introspective consideration of power and hope continues the unique view of the world pMad started in his debut single. When faced with the free time granted by the pandemic, he started to compile an album’s worth of tracks with help from his friends across the world. Packed with thoughts of what we are doing to ourselves and the world in general, his music gets you thinking as the gothic waves of his sound wash over you.

‘Medicine’ grabs your attention with some deep beats that steadily increase in volume. This progression rises through your senses and tosses you into the gloomy vocals perfectly. Accompanying the beats are thrumming bass lines that pulse through your chest. While the dark low tones swirl around you, the keys in the higher levels flutter across your vision like glowing fireflies. There is a dramatic feeling to the guitars that bring a touch of gothic sensibilities to the soundscape before it merges with some darkwave flows. Once the melody gets its hooks into you, there is really no escape from it, not that you really want the dark thrumming to end. As the single progresses, there are light tones that breathe against the high levels of the melody bringing the warm glow of hope.

While the melody hooks you in place, pMad’s vocals have a gloomy and shadowy feeling to them. This is wonderfully mixed with the lyrics that flutter with questions like thoughts crossing your mind. These thoughtful lyrics have a sombre edge to them as they ground you in reality only to carefully twist the soundscape into something much more inspirational. It is a really masterful single that turns darkness into a light glow of something better. His performance is as addictive as the melody with the flowing delivery bolstered by the movement of the music. Through the single, he takes a look at the present and questions why we live as we do only to give us the push to strive for something more.

Mixing gloomy vocals with pulsing basslines, pMad takes a sombre look at our lives at the present before bringing the glow of something better in ‘Medicine’. The music is addictive and gets you hooked to the movement of the track. This movement bolsters the delivery of the vocals that further pull you under pMad’s spell.

Find out more about pMad on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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