Alpha Mortal Foxtrot – Would You Save Me? (2020)

Alpha Mortal Foxtrot had us looking for happiness in the heart of the bustling city with ‘White Collar’. They are now taking a heavier turn with ‘Would You Save Me?’ which is an ode to their friend who passed away and his lover who stayed with him to the very end. The single captures the couple’s last discussion and offers a bittersweet lesson about love, death and the afterlife.

The track was written 8 years ago but was never recorded or released due to sentimental reasons. However, the divisions that are rife in society today led the band to realise that there is no better time for this track to come to life. It is not only a tribute to their friend, but to every person who fights against cancer and hold on when they find love.

‘Would You Save Me?’ draws you in with a gentle yet intriguing opening. There are notes that remind you of rain pattering down on the ground while the guitar lines gentle pull you forward. As the melody wraps itself around you, there is a floating feeling that wisps into your chest. The hazy lines weave between more dynamic alt-rock lines for a kaleidoscope of musical tones. The guitar riff later in the track is a wonderful breakthrough that has this deep sadness resting in the wailing notes.

Wiku Anindito’s vocals bring a sombre and sad feeling to the music. The depth of his performance pulls you into the death bed contemplations of death and the afterlife. His voice remains as a steady grounded presence when the music picks up for a swell of rock sensibilities. While sinking sadness into your skin, there is something about his performance that offers lightness, particularly close to the end of the track.

Alpha Mortal Foxtrot fills you with emotions with ‘Would You Save Me?’ as they ruminate on love, death and the afterlife. This ode to their friend takes on a heavy topic with a delicate hand that is both gentle and dynamic. The melody moves from soft to swelling rock while the vocals remain a steady presence as you delve into the bittersweet lesson of the lyrics.

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