Aly Mazarine – Rage (2021)

With her debut single ‘Rage’, Aly Mazarine is merging upbeat electronic pop vibes with some serious lyrics while letting us know what she is all about. Through the single, she considers the lack of consequences for abusers and the changes that need to be implemented to improve accountability and end rape culture. The contrast between the lively melody and the hard-hitting vocals has been masterfully handled leaving you eager to hear what else she can bring.

While balancing upbeat and heavy, Mazarine weaves the threads of pop, soul and dance into our ears. The Montreal singer-songwriter created the touching lyrics while Benoit Côté-Jodoin crafted the indie electro-pop instrumental track that forms the base and finalised the production. As the opening salvo of her musical career, it is one that really hits on serious issues while getting you lost in the musical vibes.

‘Rage’ twinkles and shuffles into your ears with a combination of soulful tones and moving beats. The melody has a seductive dancing vibe to it that makes your body move to it. When the chorus hits, the dance vibes rise slightly from the depths to bring a lighter and more upbeat feeling to the music. There is a good sense of layering to the music as the beats fill the low levels and the higher notes pulse along them. At times, the music dips for the higher notes to take over.

The sultry vibes of the music are picked up by the vocals which are soulful and packed with an addictive slide. While the lyrics are in French, you don’t need to know the language you move to their vibes. Of course, the language barrier can cause an issue with the resonance of the messaging of the track. While this is the case, the emotive flow of her performance lets you know that there is something serious under discussion. The humming back vocals create a depth to the track that raises the melody to meet the main vocal line. It is a really wonderful track that artfully balances melodic elements and feelings.

Aly Mazarine has you swaying to her music while the French vocals dive into a serious topic in ‘Rage’. The balance of grooving music with the heaviness of the message of the track has been artfully handled. While the language barrier could cause problems, the emotive flow of Mazarine’s performance does work at bridging the gap.

Find out more about Aly Mazarine on her Instagram and Spotify.

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