Darrian Gerard – I Don’t Need Anyone (2021)

The support of others can be invaluable, but there are times when you realise that you are your only advocate. This moment of realisation forms the basis of the aptly titled ‘I Don’t Need Anyone’ by Darrian Gerard. While the single brings the sobering realisation that you can only count on yourself, it also offers strength and a sense of freedom.

Through the cathartic single, you are able to shrug off the chains that hold you down and find the freedom to do what you want to. Recorded in her parents’ basement, it is Gerard’s first official single showcasing her musicality and the depths of his lyricism. As an opener, it not only highlights her musical abilities but the emotions she is able to invoke.

‘I Don’t Need Anyone’ strums into your ears with gentle ease. There is an almost laid back feeling to the music that brings a hit of musing to your ears. The melody has a frank vibe to it that is open and unapologetic while avoiding being abrasive. The beats make your toes tap while the guitars have a cosy intimacy to them. The movement of the melody helps you relax into the lyrics and really feel what they have to say.

The frank feeling of the melody is matched by Gerard’s vocals. There is an openness to the lyrics as she lays out everything she is thinking for you to work through. The chorus is a delightful breaking free of needing the approval of others. Her voice sends you floating on waves of empowerment and the understanding that if you believe in yourself that is always going to be enough. This is all tempered with the knowledge that we generally try and change to fit in.

Darrian Gerard has you floating on waves of empowering freedom as you accept that all you need is to believe in yourself through ‘I Don’t Need Anyone’. There is an openness in the single that makes it so easy to connect with while offering you the boost you might need. The relaxed melody puts you at ease while the companionable tone of the vocals lets you know that you can do what you want if you believe in yourself.

Find out more about Darrian Gerard on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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