AM Higgins – A.D.D. Love (2020)

There are times when your environment seems to call out to you and draw you to deep, secret places. These times are the inspiration for ‘A.D.D. Love’ by AM Higgins. The single looks at the autumnal energy that permeates the wild and untamed areas of the world. Written while she was staying in the foothills of the Pyrenees, the song looks to capture the moments when nature calls out to you.

Using moody chord progressions and her charming voice, she creates a space of comfort and peace. Originally from Chicago, she now lives and writes in France after her car got stuck and she liked what she saw.

‘A.D.D. Love’ has this synth loop in the opening that draws you in before the beats get to you. The wavering synths continue throughout the track and set the swaying scene. Through the synths, you can almost see the autumnal scene that inspired this song. The piano lines and strings that rise from the depths of the melody add to the flow of the music. Through the instrumentation, a gentle breeze is created to ruffle the leaves of an expansive autumn.

Higgins’ vocals have this drifting vibe to them. It is almost like her voice is a leaf resting softly on a stream as it meanders its way along with the current. The drifting vocals add to the hazy atmospheric vibe of the track that has a rich dreaminess to it. The combination of the vocals and melody creates a soundscape that envelope you and sends you to distant landscape.

AM Higgins fills you with autumnal energy which permeates the wild and untamed areas of the world with ‘A.D.D. Love’. The single combines rich synths with drifting vocals for an atmospheric soundscape that envelopes you from start to finish.

Find out more about AM Higgins on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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