Crossfire Eagles – Episode (2020)

Crossfire Eagles is an indie-rock band hailing from the city of Sheffield. After releasing their first single in 2018, James Wilson, Tyler Savage, Will Simister and Keaton Barker have gone from strength to strength. With influences ranging from Courteeners to Foo Fighters, Crossfire Eagles has a vibe that most people could enjoy.

Their new single ‘Episode’ is being released on 1 May, 2020. Inspired by the plight of the homeless the band sees every day in their hometown, this single is a unique walk in the shoes of those in need. The song is a tribute to their struggles and those of everyone suffering from mental health issues.

The guitar intro builds up to a solid vocal performance from lead singer James Wilson. Knowing the background of the single does make it easier to connect with the lyrics. The band achieves the delicate balance between Wilson’s vocals and the power of the instruments.

While the performance is a strong one, it is the theme of ‘Episode’ that makes it a hard-hitting track. After adding this single to their repertoire, I can see them being around for some time to come.

You can find out more about Crossfire Eagles on their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Spotify.

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