Analog Dog – Cat’s Out of the Bag (2020)

Analog Dog draws on old traditions and futuristic sounds for their latest EP Cat’s Out of the Bag. Through the six tracks of the EP, you are drawn into a meditation on the ever-shifting duality of life. The interplay between work and relaxation, oppression and love as well as anxiety and optimism are considered while offering a glimpse of what lies between.

Austin Wasielewski (vocals, guitar, synth), Rob Nicol (vocals, guitar), Steven Jenny (vocals, bass, synths), Jason Blasingame (piano, saxophone) and Eric Foster (drums) provide this look into the grey of modern life. They came together as a psychedelic fusion ensemble with the idea of drawing listeners into their search for meaning through creation. Using a wide sonic palette, the band honours the diverse backgrounds and pursuits of each member.

The EP starts with ‘Be in a Band’ which draws you in with a really catchy surf guitar line. The easy melody has your shoulders moving to the rhythm as you are swept onto the beach. The vocals add to the surf vibe with their light touch. The flow of the music lets you relax into the soundscape and fills your chest with some warm summery vibes. This is a very easy opening for the album and helps to set the tone of the EP.

‘Heart Into It (So What)’ has an interesting yet laidback opening that creeps into your senses. The samples used in the opening are a great counterpoint to the smooth melody. When the vocals hit, an almost jazzy vibe comes with them. There is a very chilled feeling to this track that you float along. At times, there is an almost stop-start pace to the performance which makes the more melodic sections even better. The chorus has a soft flow to it that you are drawn into before you float away on the lighter musical notes that follow.

Your toes start to tap from the first second of ‘Fall Down’ before the melody pulls you in. The vocals have a great harmonisation to them that gives you a wonderful sense of connection with the vibe of the track. The lyrics are also relatable while the chorus has a soaring feeling to it. This is an understated feeling as you fall into the music. This is potentially my favourite song on the EP and just has this wonderful vibe that is both laidback but moving.

Analog Dog

The next track is ‘Feelin’ Thin’ which has a lively opening. The faster pace of the track gives it a completely different vibe to the songs that came before. However, in the lower levels of the melody, there is a hint of that surf vibe from the opening track. The lively vibes bolster you and fill you with a light energy, but this does take a turn on the chorus. There is a hint of melancholy to the music that offers a great balance between the light vibes and a more grounded feeling.

‘Office Plant’ has a darker opening that sets a more sombre tone. The slower brooding movement of the melody gives way to an almost psychedelic flow. The vocals have an airiness to them that adds to the psychedelic feeling as you think of lightly swirling colours. The chilled feeling of the lyrics is a softly draped layer over the darker music. There are some gentler tones in the melody that try to draw you higher, but the lower levels anchor you.

The EP ends with ‘Under the Sun’ which offers a moving vibe while being chilled and laidback. The beats get you moving to the rhythm while the lighter notes over it has you floating along. When the vocals hit, they continue this contrasting feeling. The flow of the vocals has a good pace while the timbre has you floating. There is a lot of warmth in this song that fills you with some good vibes.

Analog Dog considers the shifting duality of life through the easy vibes of their EP Cat’s Out of the Bag. Each track offers a different vibe and flow with a sense of duality through the melody and vocals. This duality is clearer on certain songs, but they all work together to create an EP that you can easily get into.

Find out more about Analog Dog on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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