Einsam – Pressing Matters (2020)

The pandemic has caused a sense of disconnect for a lot of people. Einsam considers this as he looks at the importance of touch and pressure in his single ‘Pressing Matters’. Set to an electronic pop soundscape, the track captures how many people feel right now.

This exploration of the importance of touch is the debut of this solo project. Written during three years living in Vienna, his music considers the connections and disconnection we have with the people around us. He also looks at how we connect with places and languages in trying times when these connections are made harder.

‘Pressing Matters’ uses shuffling beats to draw you in before the vocals hit you. The melody has a wonderful depth to it with these synths notes that warble their way out of the low levels. The rich melody creates a sense of pressure pushing in on you from all sides. The pulsing synths give way to some lighter tones that offer an easing of the pressure. The interplay between melodic elements creates an interesting contrasting soundscape that pushes against you while letting you see the light breaking through.

The vocals enter as a smooth middle layer creating a stable thread for you to hold onto. The easy performance helps to draw you into the lyrics and the messaging of the track. The lyrics make you think about the connections we have and how they affect how we act. The pressures of the melody match the lyrics while the easing gives you a moment to breathe with the vocals. There is a lot to think about in the lyrics that you should take the time to consider.

Einsam has you considering the connections and disconnection we feel with others in his debut single ‘Pressing Matters’. The melody creates a sense of pressure and easing that works perfectly with the flow of the vocals. The lyrics have you thinking about the importance of connections as well as touch and what happens in their absence.

Find out more about Einsam on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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